Shavkat Rakhmonov and Jeff Neal will reveal the strongest at UFC 285

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 Shavkat Rakhmonov and Jeff Neal will reveal the strongest at UFC 285

The fight between Kazakh Shavkat Rakhmonov and American Jeff Neal was supposed to take place on January 15th. But in the process of preparation, Jeff injured his hand and withdrew from the fight. The cancellation was the 11th for an American, making him the record holder for this indicator. Rakhmonov did not fight with another opponent, but decided to wait until Nil recovered. The new date has been set for March 4th. More on everything below.

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The current positions of the fighters

Shavkat Nomad Rakhmonov (16 wins, 0 losses) made his professional MMA debut in 2014, and in 2019 he already became the M-1 Global champion. After successfully defending the belt, Kochevnik went to fight in the UFC, where he now occupies the tenth line in the welterweight rating. Of the top ten, in addition to Shavkat Rakhmonov, only Khamzat Chimaev can boast of zero in the defeat column. In a recent fight at the end of the second round, the Kazakh caught on the “guillotine” experienced Neil Magny. After this victory, Rakhmonov got into the top 10.

Jeff Ruki of Steel Nile (15 wins, 4 losses) like many others got a contract with the UFC after winning the Project Challenger. He defeated such famous fighters as Michael Perry and Belal Muhammad. Neil is currently ranked seventh in the welterweight division. He is on a two win streak, and in his last fight he knocked out Vicente Luque.

Chances of winning

The dominant style, in which Shavkat Rakhmonov won all of his 16 stoppage victories, makes him the favorite in the upcoming fight. He ruthlessly pounces on opponents, trying to push them into the flooring or the octagon net. In addition to speed and physical strength, Nomad surpasses Jeff Neal in anthropometry. Due to the longer “levers” the Kazakh must control the distance for as long as he needs. After shooting, the American will be transferred and killed on the ground.

Neil's only chance — it is “hands of steel” and Rakhmonov's random error. Jeff will be hoping for one heavy lateral that he
will try to bring to the goal. However, his sweeping blows are quite slow, and it will not be difficult for a Kazakh to get away from them. The American does not have outstanding stamina, and if he fails to shock his opponent at the beginning of the fight, then he is unlikely to succeed later.

Shavkat's further perspective

Nomad Rakhmonov's main goal is to overtake Chechen Volk Chimaev in the rating race. The confrontation between two spectacular fighters who do not know defeat will be extremely interesting for MMA lovers. To do this, the Kazakh left in his usual manner to pass Jeff Neal, who stood in his way.

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