Shas database hacked, data of millions of Israeli citizens leaked to the network

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 ShAS database hacked, data of millions of Israeli citizens leaked to the network< /p>

The Shas database hack exposed the sensitive identities of millions of Israeli voters. These include not only a complete list of names, but also classified information that is not in the registry, such as family ties between citizens and personal bank accounts of ShAS activists.

The breach was revealed after an anonymous leak received on a podcast CyberCyber ​​by Ido Kenan and Noam Rotem. The hack was carried out through a known weakness in an online system debugging tool discovered four years ago.

The debug tool should only be enabled during the testing phase of the system and switched to disabled mode as soon as the database is open for general use. The vulnerability appears to have been discovered by an unknown attacker using an online auto-scan tool that detects such weaknesses.

The breach gave the attackers access to all the information stored on the system. This included all the data appearing in the voter register – last name, first name, address and polling station. In addition, the data in the ShAS system also included more detailed information that could not be obtained from the voter register: phone numbers, father's name, year of birth and gender.

Additional information that was in the system included requests from citizens and supporters of the party for help, personal data and full information about the Shas activists, including their bank account details.

other persons. The ease with which this loophole can be exploited, and the fact that it seems to have been discovered without much effort, raises the concern that the answer to this question may be yes. This type of information can be used by cybercriminals for a variety of malicious purposes, from phishing citizens to fake news campaigns and intimidation.

The Shas Party said it promptly carried out due diligence on the database with the help of security experts and implemented a number of changes

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