Sharon stone showed home photos during the quarantine

Шерон Стоун показала домашнє фото під час карантину

Sharon Stone
/ instagram

Famous actress and former model Sharon stone has shown the natural beauty without makeup. Star also is in isolation and is sharing with fans home images. Warm frame beauty has shared on his page in Instagram.

Photo 62-year-old Sharon stone starred in a warm sweater with a blue shirt underneath and short white shorts with black print. Model posing without makeup, hair gathered at the nape and wearing her glasses.

In the hands of stone was holding a sign saying: “I’m staying home for their children, security of mankind, mother nature”.

The star also noted that to bring the time of isolation, you can use. Stone offered to analyze the situation and understand who you really are”.

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Shared A post by Sharon Stone (@sharonstone) on Mar 22, 2020 at 10:51am PDT

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