Sharon Stone responded to the haters of the Jews

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 Sharon Stone responded to Jew-haters

Popular Hollywood actress Sharon Stone responded to the haters of the Jews, spreading anti-Semitism on social networks. Thus, she commented on the anti-Semitic incident filmed on video. “I rarely make any personal accusations, but I just watched a video of a young man taunting an Orthodox rabbi. And this boy hit this rabbi. I just hit him, knocking him unconscious, absolutely for nothing, just because he was hated, — Stone was outraged. According to the actress, the US has already reached the point of no return, when politicians claim that they act in the interests of the people. "But it really isn't. Love, kindness, humanity, decency, dignity — it is what is in our interests and the interests of our children. We don't call ourselves the United States of America for nothing,” she added.

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