“Shareware characters and ridiculous Ukrainians”: the famous showman spoke about the prohibition of “the Matchmakers”

Mukharsky does not support the show in Ukraine.

"Шароварні персонажі і недолугі хохли": відомий шоумен висловився з приводу заборони "Сватів"

Ukrainian showman Anton mukharsky commented on the prohibition of the SBU Comedy series “Matchmakers”, as well as the statements of the comedian Vladimir Zelensky, reports Rus.Media. He reported about it on air “the spectator.”

“The statement Zelensky sounded such a condescending attitude to the Ukrainian language, and a disregard for everything Ukrainian. It also shows their humor, and these shareware characters, such narrow-minded Ukrainians, who are ridiculed. I’d love to see how the Jewish community reacted to the jokes about Jews. Of course rose would be a scandal. And Ukrainians is swallowed and the Russians swallow it, and laughing about themselves. Mental debilitation of society has reached a very high level, ” said mukharsky.

According to Anton, this film was created for the Russian audience.

“I don’t watch the series “Matchmakers”. It aims to promote a little “bidlack “post-Soviet forms of behavior, relationships in the family. There use explicit identifiers of the Russian space, for example, the Russian flag and Russian numbers in the frame. This makes this series an export product for the Russian Federation “, – said the showman.

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