Sharapova put the guards in an awkward position on the tournament: “grabby”

Шарапова поставила охранников в неловкое положение на турнире: "Распускала руки"

Famous Russian athlete Maria Sharapova appeared in the center of village directly on the championship of the Australian Open

It is reported Hyser.

“The athlete went on the court to enter the contest against rivals from Sweden, Robecca Peterson. Passing in the premises of the arena, she was faced with amazing action security. One of the employees of the security services simply do not know Sharapova and demanded that she pass”, — stated in the message.

Note that Sharapova herself to such actions of the guards, which is “grabby”, she did not react, and went to cuddle with someone they know.

As previously reported, Maria Sharapova, Russian tennis player, showed how spending time with the well-known billionaire

The famous Russian athlete Maria Sharapova on his Twitter page put up pictures where she spends time with British billionaire Richard Branson.

Шарапова поставила охранников в неловкое положение на турнире: "Распускала руки"

Sharapova and Branson played a game of tennis and chess.

“Only Richard Branson can force me to play in a mini-vacation. In response I received the first chess lesson” – signed pictures of Maria.

Subscribers emotionally reacted to the publication and decided potrollit Sharapova. “You don’t know how to play chess? You’re Russian. You have it in the blood hell”, “you had a game in bed? Where are the other pictures?”, — comments left under the photo.

Let’s add, ex-first racket of the world, the winner of the Grand slam tournament Maria Sharapova on his page on Instagram published a photo of her lover, British businessman, Alexander Gilks. Previously, a pair was repeatedly observed at public events, but Sharapova has not yet given official confirmation of their relationship with HELCOM.

Note that Alexander Wilks — 39-year-old British businessman who is the co-founder and President of Paddle8, the online auction house specializing in fine art and collecting.

Шарапова поставила охранников в неловкое положение на турнире: "Распускала руки"

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