Shanghai subway completely stopped due to epidemic

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 The Shanghai subway has completely stopped due to the epidemic

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Shanghai authorities have stopped the operation of the last two lines of the city subway. China's largest financial center has been under quarantine for the second month due to a zero tolerance policy for COVID-19.

The lockdown in Shanghai has been in effect since March 28. Until now, two subway lines were operating in the city, but the authorities decided to stop them as well.

“At the moment, all lines and stations of the Shanghai subway have stopped working,” the subway said in a statement. The subway is closed “until further notice.”

According to the authorities' original plan, the Shanghai lockdown was to end on April 5. By this time, it was planned to conduct several rounds of mass testing and prevent the spread of the disease. However, due to the large number of positive tests, the lockdown was extended indefinitely.

The situation is similar in Beijing, where citizens are required to take a coronavirus test three times a day. Residential complexes where there are cases of coronavirus are transferred to the “closed management” mode, that is, they are instantly blocked from entering and exiting.

Amid the ongoing lockdown in Shanghai and the disruptions to production and logistics caused by it, and also a new outbreak of COVID-19 in Beijing, the Chinese authorities are forced to depreciate the yuan.

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