“Shameful”: U2 frontman made a frank confession about his attitude towards the group

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U2 frontman Bono (Paul David Hewson) hates the band's name and is ashamed of his own songs.

About this he told the Awards Chatter podcast.

“I don't like the title. I didn't realize that The Beatles – also a bad pun. In terms of subtext and number, in our head the name U2 was like a spy plane, a U… It was futuristic",– said the artist.

According to him, the band's first manager told the musicians that it was – great title that would look great on t-shirts.

Bono also admitted that most of the songs He doesn't like the band either.

“I once heard one of our songs on the radio in the car. My face turned scarlet. I was so ashamed",– he noted.

The artist explained that he can't stand his own voice. Bono believes he only recently learned to sing.

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