Shame Dynamo in the match against Chelsea has become historic: “this has not been”

Позор Динамо в матче с Челси стал историческим: «такого еще не было»

Thursday, March 14, Dynamo Kiev, suffered a crushing defeat against Chelsea in the second leg of the 1/8 finals of the Europa League

After the defeat 0:3 in the first leg in London, the team of Alexander Khatskevich has actually undermined the chances for continued performance in the tournament and the second game not even managed to impose struggle to the opponent.

In the return match of the 1/8 finals of the Europa League Dinamo missed own goal from Chelsea five unanswered goals.

Позор Динамо в матче с Челси стал историческим: «такого еще не было»

This humiliating defeat 0:5 from the London club of Kiev historic because it is the biggest home defeat in European competition.

This result is also a repeat of the biggest defeats of Dinamo in the European competitions, but in a foreign field. Earlier, the Kiev team lost 0:5 Benfica Lisbon in 1992 and Turin to Juventus in 2002.

Recall that Dynamo, who had to win back three goals after the first match, in the opening stages of the second meeting put paid to their chances of reaching the quarter-finals. In the fifth minute Willian took a corner, and Olivier Giroud after discount easily sent the ball into the goal. Now Kiev residents have had to score five, which looked fantastic.

It seems that conceding the first goal that stunned the hosts, who later could not keep the ball. Chelsea calmly controlled the course of the game, threatening at the gates of the Dynamo, if it is the Londoners needed to win.

After an hour Marcos Alonso’s accurate pass, who cut off the defense of Kiev, found in the penalty Giroud, who doubled the advantage for his team and in fact completely outlined the outcome of this confrontation. However, Chelsea did not stop – and Alonso finished off the hosts. The Spanish defender, being alone surrounded by Dynamo players in the penalty area, tapped in a cross from the right flank. And the chances of Kiev to remember is that offside goal by Denis Garmash, is forced to take a position a striker because of staffing problems, and a free kick by Victor Tsygankov, spoiled strike the wall.

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Позор Динамо в матче с Челси стал историческим: «такого еще не было»

In the second half, the Dynamo came out focused and had several dangerous attacks. Garmash again sent the ball into the goal from an offside position, yet in one moment of Londoners from the first missed goal saved by the goalkeeper Kepa, and after the front gate. However, this fuse did not last long, and after the first fifteen minutes of the second half Giroud fully cooled the ardor of the hosts, having issued het-trik. Willian made a pitch at the head of a Frenchman, who had only to put the ball in the net. After a couple of minutes, Alonso could increase the expense and disgrace of the Dynamo – the Spaniard took a dangerous shot from a free kick, but Denis Boiko reached out and sent the ball into the crossbar.

On Dinamo to hope was definitely not what. And does not succeed to impose any game. All the same as in the first fight affected the class of Chelsea and the absence of the leaders of the offensive line Kiev Benjamin Verbicha and Fran Sol. A bullet in the second leg put Callum Hudson-Odoi, who converted a one-on-one and made the score 0:5.

The UEFA Europa League. The 1/8 finals. The return match

Dinamo – Chelsea 0:5 (the first match 0:3)

Goals: Fat 5, 33, 59, Alonso 45+1, Hudson-Odoi 78

Earlier, Dynamo and Shakhtar learned rivals in the play-offs of the Europa League.

As reported Politeka, Dynamo was among the best in the prestigious ranking.

Also Politeka wrote about the fact that Shakhtar and Dynamo have received compensation from FIFA for their players at the world Cup.

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