Shakhtar asks FIFA to punish the Iranian national team

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For participation in the war against Ukraine, the football team of Iran, like Russia, must be punished – she has no right to participate in the tournament due to the fact that the Russian Federation strikes at Ukraine with Iranian drones. This was stated by the General Director of the football club "Shakhtar" (Donetsk) Sergei Palkin in a special appeal to FIFA, published by the press service of FC Shakhtar (Donetsk).

In the document, Palkin asks FIFA to remove the Iranian team from participation in the World Cup and allow the Ukrainian team instead.

“Almost 250 of these drones have already attacked the peaceful cities of Ukraine. Each of them was produced, supplied by the Iranian authorities, Iranian instructors and the military directly trained and supervised the launches of the destroying drones, houses, museums, universities, offices, sports and playgrounds, and most importantly killed Ukrainians. Including children. Children who also dreamed of seeing their team at the World Cup”, – Sergey Palkin's address says.

In this regard, the top manager of FC Shakhtar (Donetsk) calls on FIFA and the entire international community to achieve an immediate ban on the participation of the Iranian national team in the World Cup, and Ukraine should be allowed to compete instead.

“Such a decision is historically and sportingly justified. I urge everyone to join the pressure on the football bureaucracy. It is enough to repeat the mistakes of the 2018 World Cup in Russia, hiding behind an empty thesis about the apathy of sports. Facilitating the participation of terrorists in the World Cup is the policy. It's time to put an end to such a policy, & ndash; summed up Palkin.

(Donetsk) accused the FIFA leadership of ignoring the crimes of Russia, calling for the exclusion of the aggressor country from the organization. Palkin also criticized FIFA's decision to sell Russia the rights to broadcast World Cup matches.

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