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 Shai Avital charged with charges

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On Monday, January 16, in the Tel Aviv District Court, the prosecutor's office filed charges of sexual offenses against model agent Shai Avital, who was previously extradited to Israel.

He was charged with indecent acts, indecent conduct using force, and indecent act taking advantage of a woman in an unconscious state preventing her from consenting. These are two women, one of whom was 16 years old at the time of the alleged crime.

Yesterday, the police announced the completion of investigations into two cases that served as the basis for an extradition order. It was clarified that sufficient evidence had been obtained to prosecute on suspicion of committing a crime.

The prosecution announced that Avital was involved in crimes against 24 other women, two of them after his return to the country, but charges were brought in only two cases. The police are continuing their investigation.

According to the indictment, two incidents occurred while Avital was the owner of the Israeli modeling agency Elite Model. One of the cases occurred in 2019, when a woman who worked in a bar met him.

According to her, during one of the events, the accused took her to the back room, closed the door, lay on top of her and kissed him, though she covered her mouth and tried to push him away. She also said that he grabbed her breasts under the hack. When she tried to escape, Avital came up from behind and put his hand in her pants. Outside, someone opened the door, so she still managed to escape.

The accused denies all charges against himself, assuring that he did not attack the woman. According to him, they went together to the room to take cocaine.

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