Shaheed on the waiting list: Portrait of a terrorist at the Shechem Gate

Shaheed on the waiting list: Portrait of a terrorist at Shekhem Gate

The Israeli press publishes details of the terrorist attack at the Shechem Gate of the Old City in Jerusalem on December 4.

Terrorist – 25-year-old inhabitant Salfit, Palestinian village near Ariel, Muhammad Salim. He was in Israel illegally.

Salima on social networks expressed support for & ldquo; martyrs and prisoners & rdquo;. So in September, after the capture of escaped from prison Gilboa Zakaria Zubeidi and Muhammad Arad, he wrote on Facebook: “ You are free anyway. We are all prisoners of the stars in the sky. ”

In an old Facebook account that Salima subsequently deleted, he expressed constant support for terrorist attacks against Israelis and called himself a“ shahid on the waiting list ”.
< br /> Salima was previously detained by security forces and spent a year in prison for inciting violence.

Salima attacked 20-year-old yeshiva student Abraham Elmaleh. He received moderate injuries. Elmaleh says: “ The terrorist jumped at me with a knife, he tried to kill any Jew. I was returning from prayer. When the soldiers appeared, he rushed at them, this shows that he wanted to attack the Jews. He didn't say a word & rdquo ;.

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