Shabak arrested suspects in the lynching of a Jew in Acre in May 2021

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 Shabak arrested suspects in lynching of a Jew in Acre in May 2021

More than a year after the attempted lynching of Mor Dzhanashvili in Acre, over the past two months, Israeli police have arrested five suspects of involvement in the attack on Dzhanashvili during the riots that arose during the May operation ” “Guardian of the Walls” last year.

The suspects will be prosecuted on a range of charges, including nationalistically motivated crimes under the circumstances of the terrorist attack.

The suspects are residents of Acre : Rani Piran, 27, Muhammad Hamad, 25, Ayman Zalfi, 28, Hisam Awad, 31, and Salah Majeg, 28.
who were arrested and interrogated back in May 2021, and have already been charged with involvement in the attack.

The attack on Mora Janashvili took place on May 12, 2021, as a result of which he received numerous injuries and spent a long time in the hospital. Honenu's lawyer, Chaim Bleicher, representing Janashvil, congratulated the Shin Bet on the arrest, adding: ]2We, for our part, will demand full justice for the terrorists in order to ensure that terrorist activities are contained.

Thursday, the Haifa District Court will hold a hearing on the detention of another terrorist involved in the attack, Muhammad Hamad. Mohr and his family will arrive at the hearing accompanied by Bleicher's lawyer.

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