Shabak arrested five Israelis for spying for Iran

SHABAK arrested five Israelis for spying for Iran

Shabak agents arrested five Israelis for espionage in favor of Iran.

This is the Shabak press service.

To be specified, that the Israelis assisted Iran in gathering intelligence. Among those arrested were four women and one man. All of them & ndash; repatriates from Iran or descendants of Iranian repatriates.

The names of the suspects have so far been banned from publication. It is clarified that they photographed strategically important objects in Israel, tried to establish relations with politicians, provided the information received to their supervisors about security measures at the facilities and committed other offenses.

In exchange for this they received thousands of dollars in quality 'wages'.

One of the 'operatives' The Islamic Republic was called Rambod Namdar. He pretended to be Jewish and tried to convince one of his sons to improve his knowledge of the Persian language. Today, January 12, five suspects were charged.

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