Sexual violence : soon pre-complaints online ?

Nicole Belloubet, the minister of Justice.


Monday, at the micro RTL, the minister of Justice Nicole Belloubet stated that it considered the implementation of pre-complaints line for victims of sexual violence. Complaints of sexual violence filed in box force have increased in October by 30% compared to the same period of the previous year (+ 360 facts), a-t-on learned Monday source close to the folder. “Justice is ready to face” with the increase in complaints, ensured Nicole Belloubet. The minister plans to launch a “pre-complaint” online. “This is for damage to property. I don’t see why we couldn’t do that in this context “, she said. In it, the victim ” might drop [pre-complaint] without having the need to go to the police “, explained the minister.

The question of evidence

In addition, Nicole Belloubet spoke of an experience in the hospitals “, which involves collecting evidence of sexual violence without the complainant that the complaint has been filed “. “Then, the victim can decide if it is a complaint. “”My concern is that the victims go and complaint and that we can have the maximum amount of evidence,” the minister said. In addition, work on listening to victims will be led, she promised. It would include, for example, ” not [to] put the victim systematically in the face of her assailant several times during the investigation.”

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