Sex for a couple of bills. How businessmen and a policeman turned children into prostitutes

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 Sex for a couple of bills. How businessmen and a policeman turned children into prostitutes

The security forces in Borisoglebsk continue to promote the case of businessmen about sex for money with schoolgirls and students. As the police work, more and more shocking details appear in it. According to Vesti Voronezh's own source, there are already six victims aged 13 to 17 in the case.

Law enforcement officers detained three men – two local businessmen, aged 50 and 45, who are related to each other, and a 37-year-old captain of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Presumably, he not only slept with schoolgirls for money, but also helped to avoid problems with the law. It is possible that the group of men who considered it normal to have sex with teenage girls was larger.

According to some reports, this whole story about the involvement of children in prostitution began about eight years ago. Adult wealthy men seduced the students of the local technical school, who agreed to sleep with them for money. Later, entrepreneurs switched from 16-17-year-old girls, who entered the age of consent, to schoolgirls.

Presumably, this will make it possible to bring men to justice not only under the article on the involvement of minors in prostitution and sexual intercourse with teenagers. The case may also include an article about violence against minors who, due to their age, did not realize what was happening to them.

According to his own source, men alone or in groups met girls in rented apartments or in bathhouses. They drank together, had sex with schoolgirls and students, paid from 2,000 to 5,000 rubles for sex.

In Borisoglebsk, before the scandal, all three men were considered successful people, exemplary family men. They have teenage children.
company. Her father realized that something was wrong – daughter stopped making contact, began to drink and smoke, to communicate with men. Guessing what was going on, the parent wrote a statement to the police. Previously, there were no signals about lovers of sex with schoolgirls in the bathhouse, although they did not particularly keep their hobbies secret.

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