Sex education: a promo of the third season of the series

Сексуальне виховання: з'явилось промо третього сезону серіалу

Sexy vivanna season 3

In a network there was a series of commercials with the cast of “sex education” (Sex Education), which allude to events in the third season. Watch video on the Radio MAXIMUM!

Strmode Netflix pleased the audience with a beautiful promo for the continuation of the series “sex education” (Sex Education), the release date of season 3 is still a mystery. But we can assume that it will be released sooner than in January (as the previous two seasons).

In the video, the headmaster Alistair Petrie decided to become a kind of art critic, because there is a lobby with photographs of the main characters and tries to describe.

Another bonus are funny ASMR-video with actors who do strange and ordinary things near the microphone.

Sexual education or sex education – series about a 16-year-old Otis Milburn, which is still chaste. However, he manages to open the talent sexologist, namely this profession deals with his mother. But the young man does not help married couples, and students in his school. He not only earns, but also get rid of the problems sexual nature.Starring: ACE Butterfield, Mess Avenue, Emma Mackay, Gillian Anderson and others.

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