Sex attack: Women woke up in an Eilat hotel with strange men

News » Incidents Sex attack: Women woke up in Eilat hotel with strange men

Two men were arrested on suspicion of committing sexual offenses in a hotel in Eilat. Victims say: “We woke up and saw strange men in the room.”

Apparently, the suspects entered the hotel, followed the young women and entered their room. There they abused them while they slept. “It's trauma and shock,” said the sister of one of the victims. "She doesn't sleep or eat. She has a child in first grade that she needs to take care of – but now she needs to be taken care of.”

Two suspects were arrested over the weekend on suspicion of committing an indecent act against two women in hotel in Eilat. They will be taken on March 6 to the Eilat District Court to discuss whether to extend their detention. A ban was imposed on the publication of information about the detainees.

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