Sex and the City 55+ released a trailer. The heroines are getting old, but the business is spinning

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Sex and the City 55+ released a trailer. The heroines are getting old, but the business is spinning

He is nicknamed Sex in the City 55+ or Menopause in the City. In fact, the new series following the famous Sex and the City license is called And Just Like That.

And he just released his first official trailer.

The ten-part series produced by HBO Max boasts the same creators and cast as the previous six-season television series with Sarah Jessica Parker starring journalist Carrie Bradshaw.

Smart, funny and, most importantly, politically pleasantly incorrect Sex in the City became one of its first perfectly global hits for cable HBO in the late 1990s, and its reputation also resonates reliably to this day. It is clear that there will be interest in the novelty – especially when the photos from the shooting and the current trailer deliberately look so familiar. Of the main stars in the new sequel, only Kim Catrall is missing – the representative of the legendary dragon Samantha, who celebrated her 65th birthday this year, did not agree on a sequel with the production.

Otherwise, everything is prepared the way Sex fans in the city are used to, at least that’s what the trailer suggests. There are the main actresses, there are their men – from the Divine by Chris Noth to Evan Handler and David Eigenberg as husband and wife Charlotte and Miranda, to Stanford Blatch, whose representative, the great Willie Garson, died just days after the last flap.

The producers are betting on the series A as it went on in the same way as on the original series. The news from producer Michael Patrick King, the main creator of Sex and the City, is to be one of the main pre-Christmas attractions of HBO GO. The platform will present the first two episodes on Thursday, December 9, and the following eight episodes will be published each Thursday.

HBO, as well as the creators of the series, cleverly dispensed various clips and photos from the filming throughout the social network this year. the most attractive props of the original series. And every snippet immediately sparked controversy.

Can 55-year-old Carrie dress like a 30-year-old? Wide polka dot skirts, checkered T-shirts, long graying hair flowing to the waist in fluffy curls? And what about Charlotte, is she at all similar, didn’t she overdo it with botox? Can 50-year-olds roam and chase boys like single-thirties?

The trailer suggests that the heroines have, of course, moved on – even over time. Charlotte’s daughters are now teenagers, Miranda’s son, Brady, is even an adult. For some, work is falling apart, for some, marriage is falling apart, as is already the case in this phase of life.

Carrie lives with Mr. Divine, but she apparently addresses relationship uncertainties similar to a quarter of a century ago, only her fewer than a column feed her popular podcast (which again slightly unlikely earns tens and dozens of Blahnik boats at an average price of $ 500 per shoe).

The missing Samantha has been replaced by several new faces, filled in line with current hypercorrect politics, but dresses from Oscar de la Renta and Carolina Herrera, despite all their carbon footprint, thank God remain. Girlfriends giggle over wine, have picnics, go to concerts and wear eccentric fluffy skirts. There are well-known luxury brands and popular logos, there are allusions to the previous series – and perhaps there will be a story that will appeal to viewers for more than two not entirely successful feature films.

But it doesn’t really matter. Fans will certainly watch every episode and devour every detail. Here and there, a wrinkle (or, conversely, an exaggerated facelift) is criticized on social media, as are the princess’s tutu skirts worn by the 55-year-old heroine as a civilian dress.

But they will watch. And that’s what producers want. About business and viewership.

After all, Sex in the City has irreversibly changed the television business, for example by defining product placement, ie the paid placement of real products in the story. Pumps from Blahnik, a laptop from Apple, Absolut vodka, a shirt from Prada, a Birkin handbag from Hermès or the famous Baguette from Fendi – all of this got not only on the screen, but also directly into the replicas of the script. And history repeats itself.

About eighteen million viewers watched each of the episodes of Six Seasons in the City in real time, with hundreds of millions more watching 94 episodes of the series stories Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha in countless reruns. One hundred countries around the world, including the Czech Republic, gradually acquired broadcasting rights. This was followed by 54 Emmy nominations (and seven trophies), 24 Golden Globe nominations (and eight awards). And also endless reruns, millions of DVDs sold complete series, accompanying secondary merchandising.

Finally, there are nearly three-quarters of a billion dollars in revenue from both films made after the series. The first film made $ 420 million worldwide, the second another made almost $ 300 million. The second film in particular tore the criticism, but the cinema was full.

The Sex in the City brand is already worth a billion today. At HBO, they would be crazy not to return to Sex and the City in some way today, inflating all possible old and new film and television coverings and the phenomenon of binge watching to replace closed or restricted theaters in many countries. The viewer, who received the long-awaited series at the premiere yesterday, will be hungry again tomorrow. The sight of favorite heroines, if left funny and provocative, can satisfy an impatient audience. Although it should be easily eroded the tooth of time.

In addition, the audience likes nostalgia and the new series obviously bets a lot on nostalgia – this can be seen from every shot. Similar gestures, familiar replicas, familiar styling and New York as an impressive backdrop. They don’t need much more Sex and the City fans. At HBO, they don’t have to worry about this year’s Advent.

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