Severe storms bring destruction and casualties in France

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 Severe storms bring destruction and casualties in France

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Due to poor visibility during a downpour caused by a storm in the northern city of Rouen, a woman was hit by a car and died, as reported by the city hall.
< br /> In the regions of Landes and Gers in southwest France, hail the size of golf balls hit part of an Armagnac vineyard and severely damaged it, local growers said. .

In the southwestern region of Landes, winemaker Nellie Lakeive described the devastation left by the hurricane.
like a giant swiss cheese, and the windows in the house are broken. My father, who is almost 70 years old, has never seen anything like this, — Nellie Lakeve said.

Energy company Enedis reported that on Saturday evening, the hurricane caused power outages to approximately 5,000 households across the country.

In Loir-et-Cher, central France, 30,000 Scouts set up a tent city to celebrate Pentecost, had to be evacuated to a safe place. The abandoned tents were destroyed by strong winds.

The French weather service has warned that more storms are expected to sweep across the country ahead.

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