Severe fatal vulnerability found in all iPhones

Severe fatal vulnerability found on all iPhones

An unrecoverable vulnerability has been found in all Apple smartphones that allows attackers to steal personal data. The vulnerability was discovered in the company ZecOps, which develops software for cybersecurity.

The program, called NoReboot, simulates shutting down or restarting a smartphone. In this mode, incoming calls and notifications, vibration, screen and camera indicator do not work. The display shows an animation of turning on the device to confuse the user.

In a “ pseudo-off '' state Attackers gain remote access to the iPhone's microphone and camera, as well as personal information stored in the gadget's memory.

The vulnerability can only be prevented from working by a deep reboot, for which you need to successively press the volume and power buttons. However, at the moment there are no clear instructions on how to remove the virus.

ZecOps stressed that the vulnerability, thanks to which the malware operates, cannot yet be fixed. The problem affects all iPhones with any version of iOS.

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