Several regular uniform

Plusieurs réguliers en uniforme

The break-in period begins Friday evening for the Marquis de Jonquière, with the holding of the first of two preseason matchups facing the Cool-FM de Saint-Georges, at the Palais des sports. With a short training camp and the rarity of repetitions, Benoît Gratton will go beyond the camp, before everything bursts back onto the scene.

After the encounter of Friday, the two teams face each other again Saturday night, in the Beauce region. The regular season will be launched next Friday, in the face of the Isothermic, Thetford.

“There’s a lot of new players and I’m told they would use the first five to ten games of the regular season to make an assessment, explained the head coach of the Marquis, Benoit Gratton. It would be dishonest to evaluate the players in to two spring training games. That said, I’m going to use these two meetings to introduce the game system, and practice the special units. It is for this reason that it is good to rely on many regular players to begin the work.”

Supporters jonquiérois will be able to effectively see to the implementation of several regular players for the duel in Saint-Georges. A large number of veterans have confirmed their presence, including James Desmarais, absent the end of last week for the start of training camp. First choice of the team at the draft, Jonathan Diaby will be in uniform, in addition to the new entrants put under contract in recent weeks and months. It’s Raphael Girard, who will be the starting goalkeeper.

“There will not be a full alignment, but it should be pretty interesting, a delighted Benoît Gratton. Usually, it’s hard to dress a dozen veterans, but this time, about three-quarters of the alignment will consist of regular players that will be with us during the season.”

While the Marquis are still working to hire a few quality candidates, Benoît Gratton has about 22 players on hand. A number which satisfies perfectly.

“I saw that other teams had 36 players in their camp, but it is not as if we had a training camp of three weeks, he noted. There was not a lot of time to implement our system, therefore, it does not give much in our league to have as many players.”

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