Seven-year-old girl died on the last day of vacation: “mom, help”

Семилетняя девочка погибла в последний день отдыха: «мама, помоги»

Seven-year-old girl died in agony in the last day of your stay

Seven-year-old champion Gaia Trimarchi, a multiple winner for the swimming competition in Italy in his age group, was killed on holiday with his family on the Philippine island of Sabitang Laya.

Семилетняя девочка погибла в последний день отдыха: «мама, помоги»

In the last day, the girl was collecting shellfish in the shallows and came across the tentacles of jellyfish.

Young champion, overcoming terrible pain, tried to pull his feet from thorns. This, as reports the Mirror didn’t help. Poison jellyfish quickly struck the body of Gaia.

“Mom, I will never go to the beach. What will happen to me? Mom, help me,” said Gaia.

On the beach there were no lifeguards or even first aid kits. Nearby boater tried to rescue the girl and tried to cauterize the wounds with gasoline.

Семилетняя девочка погибла в последний день отдыха: «мама, помоги»

After 40 minutes, screaming from the excruciating pain of Gaia Trimarchi, which all this time was alive and was conscious, was taken to the hospital. Doctors diagnosed a severe allergic reaction. Unfortunately, an hour later, the girl died.

It should be noted that jellyfish affect people not only in foreign resorts. Under the threat turned out to be the tourists and residents of Kherson region. It was there watching the invasion of the jellyfish.

It is noted that in recent years they were not here. Campers complain that they sting badly and even have to go to the doctors with burns.

Huge jellyfish vacationers also noticed on the coast of the resort Kyrylivka. Pictures of poisonous sea creatures the locals are spread in social networks.

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Семилетняя девочка погибла в последний день отдыха: «мама, помоги»

Vacationers note that this year in the Azov sea jellyfish are much more common. And if earlier the visitors noticed in the water a harmless Aurelia, now off the coast there is another kind – Kornerot.

This is a large jellyfish with a diameter of the hemispherical body is about 90 cm, “rim” which is belted purple or pink “ribbon”, and on the lace of the blades located a poisonous stinging cells.

Recall the horror happened on the Azov sea: the corpse thrown to the feet of tourists.

As he wrote Politeka, the most dangerous spider in the world bite the Ukrainians, the middle of the night felt unbearable pain.

Also Politeka wrote that in the Black sea, the crash begins, there is a video on how poisoned the water.

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