Seven simple tips that will help to raise testosterone: does any man

Семь простых советов, которые помогут поднять тестостерон: нужно каждому мужчине

The level of testosterone in the body important for men

Testosterone is the main male sex hormone, although in women it is also present in small quantities.

This hormone controls many parameters of health, affecting bone density, blood composition, reduced body fat mass, resistance to stress, immunity and brain development. Testosterone deficiency can lead to low sexual libido, infertility, fatigue, irritability, depression, decreased muscle mass and increased body fat.

Doctors told how to maintain optimum testosterone levels.

Семь простых советов, которые помогут поднять тестостерон: нужно каждому мужчине

1. Physical activity

Studies have shown that those people who exercise regularly, there are high levels of testosterone. Intense strength training are the most effective.

2. Healthy fats

Studies have shown that a diet rich in monounsaturated and saturated fats,can increase testosterone levels in men. Eating moderate amount of saturated fat from healthy sources, you reduce the risk of developing cardiovascular disease. Good sources of monounsaturated fat is olive oil, avocado and peanut butter. Healthy saturated fats are found in lean red meat, coconut oil, cheese, and egg yolks.

3. Less sugar

Testosterone is in competition with insulin, which causes problems with diabetes, so it’s important not to stimulate too to maintain health and optimal weight.

4. Vitamin

Testosterone is very sensitive to deficiencies in the diet. First and foremost, it is important to compensate for a deficiency of vitamin D. It is important at any age for overall health and testosterone levels. Good sources of the vitamin are salmon, tuna, eggs, and of course sunlight. Important b vitamins, as are involved in many chemical processes in the body.

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5. Minerals

Zinc helps to boost the levels of testosterone, as it inhibits the process by which the body converts testosterone into estrogen. This important mineral is found in liver, red meat, mussels, oysters, wheat, sesame, mushrooms, broccoli, peanuts.

Low levels of magnesium in the body affect the condition of sleep, insulin resistance and reduced testosterone in the body. To fill the deficit will help nuts, seeds and green leafy vegetables.

6. Sleep

Sleep, or rather its lack of quantity is another enemy of testosterone. Scientists found that a regular night’s rest with a duration of only 5 hours reduces testosterone levels by 15%.

Семь простых советов, которые помогут поднять тестостерон: нужно каждому мужчине

7. Less stress

The main stress hormone is cortisol. He is involved in the breakdown of muscle tissue, suppresses immune system, increases body fat and reduces the level of testosterone. When increases cortisol, decreases testosterone, and therefore seek to reduce stressful situations in life.

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