Seven reasons to have sex during menstruation

Many partners refuse to have sex during menstruation, believing it to be “unacceptable” and “dirty”.

Сім причин зайнятися сексом під час місячних

Why you should not refuse sex during menstruation

Menstruation is a natural process which need not be embarrassed, and even give up because of this sex.

TOP 7 reasons to have sex during menstruation:

1. It’s not as dirty as you think

This files most often during menstruation excessive bleeding is present in only one or two days, and this period is no more than 40-50 ml of blood. If you have sex in the shower, then this will be no problem at all.

2. Contaminated sheets

Today washing machines are in almost every house, and if soiled linen is washed immediately after sex, then it will not remain any traces.

3. Blood is not toxic

Fear of boys largely due to the fact that he could see traces of blood on your penis. It’s just blood, it is not toxic and does the main manhood is not hurt.

4. You can not be afraid of pregnancy

During the period the guy can finish inside, without worrying about what a girl can get pregnant. But this is only if the partners trust each other and have sex without a condom without fear of Contracting sexually transmitted diseases.

5. Orgasm lowers menstrual cramps

If a girl suffers from menstrual cramps, the sex in this period, she literally necessary. Besides, it is much more useful than painkillers.

6. Sex reduces the duration of menstruation

During orgasm the uterus is reduced, which contributes to a more copious menstrual blood. If during menstruation often to have sex, then the period may be reduced to two or three days.

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7. Menstrual blood replaces lubricant

During menstruation you can not use greases and other lubricants. Menstrual discharge consists not only of blood, but the mucous membrane of the uterus, which will replace any kind of oil.

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