Seven dangerous asteroids will fly past the Earth

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 Seven dangerous asteroids will fly past the Earth

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Five asteroids are flying towards the Earth at once, however, none of them poses a direct threat to our planet.

This is reported by NASA.

According to scientists, these asteroids will fly very close to our planet within seven days at great speed, but they will pass by..

The first on the list is an asteroid called 2023 CG1. Its width is 32 meters. On February 25, the asteroid will approach the Earth at a distance of 5.8 million km.

The next day, an asteroid called 2023 DA with a width of 18 meters will approach our planet. It will fly at a distance of 1 million km from the Earth. This is almost three times farther than the Moon is. On February 27, a potentially dangerous huge asteroid 2012 DK31 with a diameter of 143 meters will fly up to Earth at a distance of 4.8 million km at a speed of 55,944 km/h.

The next day, a 145-meter asteroid called 2006 BE55 will fly by at a distance of 3.5 ml at a speed of 47,936 km/h. And exactly one week later, on March 3, an asteroid called 2007 ED125 will approach our planet at a distance of 4.4 million km at a speed of 47,032 km/h.

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