Settlers return to Evyatar outpost in response to Hawara attack

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 Settlers return to Evyatar outpost in response to Hawara attack

Dozens of Israelis gathered at the evacuated outpost of Evyatar in Samaria Sunday evening, promising to move to a hilltop in response to a terrorist attack in Hawara that killed two Israeli motorists crossing the city earlier in the day.< br />
Border police were reportedly dispatched to the illegal outpost as soon as the settlers began to arrive.

Settlers arrived in Evyatar after dark, urging their compatriots to join them in capturing the hilltop. Dozens of men filled a building that was planned to be used as a yeshiva, singing memorial services and celebrating their return to office, while others hung around, arguing with the police, who were trying to kick them out.

According to news site Ynet, the road to the hilltop settlement usually blockaded by IDF soldiers, but the settlers said they were able to get up the hill without skirmishing with the troops.

The Beginnings, which lobbies and coordinates the settlers' campaigns, said former residents of Evyatar waited a year and a half from the moment they agree to leave so that the government will allow them to return.

“After today's heavy news in Samaria, we could not continue business as usual, and we had to return to Evyatar. We returned to Evyatar, as every coalition party promised us ”, —

In a tweet late Sunday evening, Smotrich urged settlers not to take matters into their own hands, vowing that “we are hard at work on a real response to terror, as in a military settlements.

Settlement Minister Orit Struk said she was “excited to be back on Evyatar,” Ynet reports.

The outpost is empty from 2021. The residents then agreed to leave as part of a deal with the government not to demolish their houses.

Under the terms of the agreement reached on the fate of the outpost in 2021, the settlers peacefully left the outpost, and the area became a closed military zone with the preservation houses.

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