Set the best age for first child

What is the ideal age for the birth of the baby, so as not to overstrain women’s health during childbirth?

Встановлено найкращий вік для народження першої дитини

All women want to feel a mother’s happiness. What is the ideal age for the birth of the baby, so as not to overstrain women’s health during childbirth? Scientists have proposed a provocative answer to this question. Doctors recommend expectant mother with the utmost responsibility to approach the topic of pregnancy, reports Rus.Media.

A pleasant surprise for women

A lot of debate is around the ideal age for childbirth. Young mothers have better health, their eggs still exposed to harmful effects of the environment. But the opposite side of the coin is that Mature women are paying a huge amount of time his career, carefree life, and, of course, travel.

In medicine there is the concept of “late” used to the ladies who gave birth to first child after twenty-five years. Has always been considered to be the ideal age for child birth between 20 and 27 years. A new discovery negates all existing views.

Contrary to ingrained opinion on the best age for child birth, starting from 20 and ending 27 years, John Mirovskaya from the University of Texas made a sensational statement that the woman should give birth at thirty-four years. This is the opening reports website FamilyShare. In addition, younger women of this age often have many diseases that can be difficult childbirth.

Psychologists began to defend this theory, as their study also proves that women over 30 serious relationships with their halves and they already have abundance, both in monetary terms and in life experience, for the best upbringing of the child.

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But doctors warn the ladies that childbirth after 30 years, the development of various complications of chronic diseases, and diseases of the reproductive system. It is because of this Mature women is strongly recommended a clear medical supervision during pregnancy.

The question of the appearance of the baby born is a responsible decision for parents, which will completely change their lives. Because of this, the task should be taken very seriously, despite the age, when the planned child. In what period of life is birth – up to you, dear women!


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