Set the age at which a person gets maximum pleasure from sex

Looks like you and your girls still to come!

Встановлений вік, в якому людина отримує максимальне задоволення від сексу

Usually, the annual conference of the North American menopause society in Orlando is boring and without incident, reports Rus.Media. But this year everything is different!

A group of scientists from the National Institute of aging, presented the report, which, in particular, it was argued that the peak of female sexuality at the age from 45 to 60 years! At this age a woman feels itself most at ease, understands what she wants, and finally, after years of dieting and self-flagellation in the health club begins to take own body.

It is clear that these results the researchers took not from the ceiling, and came to him after a meticulous survey of several dozen women in the specified age range. All respondents as one confirmed that, despite menopause, pesky kids and other unpleasant symptoms of age, they have learned to have sex a lot more fun than young.

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