“Servant of the people” planning to get single-party majority in Parliament

«Слуга народа» планирует получить однопартийное большинство в Раде

According to recent surveys, the party of the servant of the people ready to support of 39.9% of Ukrainians among those who are undecided and will go to the polls.

Batch of “public Servant” wants to one-party majority in Parliament after the snap elections on July 21.

About this task said at a press conference on 27 may, the head of the electoral headquarters of the party, Alexander Kornienko, answering questions of journalists, reports the online edition of the Chronicle.info with reference to PKG.

“We plan to ask for help to anyone to form a coalition. We have a maximum programme — to form a coalition of one political force”, — said Kornienko.

Became known, who will head the electoral headquarters of the “Servants of the people”

“These are our plans, our dreams… But January 1, we, too, many were accused of excessive dreaming”, he added.

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