Serov announced a concert in Kiev. The social network reminded him of the speech in the Crimea

Серов анонсировал концерт в Киеве. Соцсети припомнили ему выступление в Крыму

Serov announced a concert in Kiev. The social network reminded him of the speech in the Crimea
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Show are planning to hold in March in the Palace “Ukraine”.

Russian singer Alexander Serov announced a concert in Kiev. The performance artist is scheduled for March 23 at the Palace “Ukraine”. In social networks recalled that the singer of the hit “I love you” in 2017 acted in Crimea, which was in “the Peacemaker.”

– Kyiv, invite you to their recital, which will be held in the Palace “Ukraine”. With great pleasure to present their new songs, as well as all your favorite hits! Goodbye, – wrote artist on Instagram.

About concerts in the annexed Peninsula Serov told in a talk show of Andrei Malakhov “Hello Andrew!”. The singer complained that he was not allowed to Ukraine.

I would love to come, but I “blocked” Ukraine. I arrived in Sebastopol, gave a concert. And here, on the Internet tickers – “Alexander Serov illegally crossed the border”. All, persona non grata.. Now I’m an enemy of Ukraine, – said the artist. – Yes, I left some trace in Ukraine. But power.. I really have given their all when I was in Chernivtsi, when I was in Nikolaev, Lutsk and Ternopil. Everywhere I’ve been in the aureole of attention. I made. I created in Ukraine. I occupied prize-winning places at competitions. It is also a fact. Forgotten.

Despite the fact that the singer calls himself “an enemy of the Ukraine” his name does not appear in the list of persons so-called “black list” of the Ministry of culture and folk songs of the artist is still played on the radio.

In the Palace “Ukraine” said Serov entry into the country was banned, otherwise he would not planned a concert.

– I need to verify this information. But, you know, that without the permission of the SBU to enter the country, not a single artist will give concerts and to announce them, – said the representative of the concert hall.

“KP in Ukraine” addressed a request to the SBU to find out whether the ban on entry to Serov.


Alexander Serov is a native of Nikolaev. He moved to Moscow at age 29. At that time, he led the BAND “Cheremosh” in Chernivtsi, where the sisters sang Rotaru — Lydia and Aurika.After moving to Russia to pursue a solo career, the first album was released in 1984.

Now the artist was 65 years, 45 of which he performs on stage. His most famous songs are “do You love me”, “Madonna”, “I love you” and “Starfall”.

From 1991 to 2010 Serov was married with gymnast Elena Lebedevoj. The couple broke up due to infidelity Alexander. According to the artist, now his heart is free, but to find a new lover he doesn’t. The ex-couple have a daughter Michelle, who after her divorce lived with father. There were rumors that the contractor had made several more children in secret from his wife but he does not acknowledge paternity.


Alexander Serov: I want to get out of depression

The musician won the hearts of millions of fans, celebrates its 65th anniversary.

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