Serious new problems found near the Doomsday Glacier

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 Serious new problems found near Doomsday Glacier

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The Thwaites Glacier today has an area of ​​120,000 square kilometers, while in 2010 it was about 192,000 square kilometers. The rapidly shrinking area is forcing researchers to pay more and more attention to it. education – warning signs that it is undergoing rapid change due to accelerating climate change.

The consequences of a melting glacier, as its name suggests, could be catastrophic. Its destruction threatens to raise the sea level by more than a meter, which can pose a serious danger to coastal settlements around the world.

The remote-controlled robot Icefin traveled to a depth of 610 meters through a drilled well and collected images and videos, as well as important data, including temperature and salinity. averaging 2 to 5.4 meters per year.

“We have found that, despite small amounts of melt, there is still rapid glacier retreat, so it doesn't seem to take much to bring glacier out of balance”, – says Peter Davies, oceanographer with the British Antarctic Survey.

Researchers are concerned about massive cracks causing accelerated melting that could eventually break apart and “collapse the ice shelf”.

“Despite this remoteness, the consequences of what happens on Thwaites Glacier will affect everyone”– explains Davis.

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