Sergey Babkin, Arsen Mirzoyan, Roman Duda and other stars played the hits of the legendary sting

Сергей Бабкин, Арсен Мирзоян, Роман Дуда и другие звёзды исполнили хиты легендарного Стинга
In Kiev’s October Palace to a full house held a tribute show Sting from the My Tribute Show Paul Shilko. Hits of the legendary sting performed Arsen Mirzoyan, Sergey Babkin, Dmytro Shurov, Artem Pivovarov and other stars of the Ukrainian scene.

On stage with orchestra Kaska records band, led by Valentin Korniyenko this evening were: Serhiy Babkin, Dmytro Shurov (Pianoboy), TamerlanAlena, Ivan Navi, Anna Maria, Artem Pivovarov, Arsen Mirzoyan, Tonya Matvienko, Cyrus kaplunovsky, Mamarika, Vlada and Alexander Lozovsky, Mountain breeze, Diana jerkins, Roman Duda and Faith Cecelia, Marina Chabanova, Yevgeniy Khmara, Alloize.Without exception, all the musicians are very responsible attitude to tribute. Each room has different sound quality and arrangement. In front of the speaker stood a major task not only perform the hits of legendary artist, but also to convey the correct atmosphere, to which with such trepidation producer Pavel Shilko. Opening the evening was pianist-virtuoso Yevgeniy Khmara, playing a medley of hits from sting.

In his birthday on stage for the tribute album came out Dmitry Shurov, who performed lyrical kompoziciu sting Fragile. In the end Shurov became very impressed with the lyrics that stood in front of the audience on his knees. In response, the audience bathed artist-the birthday boy a round of applause.

Pumped hall song Englishman in New York an energetic and emotional Artem Pivovarov, during a speech which some viewers are unable to sit in their seats.

The long-awaited star of the evening, Sergey Babkin, performed in the original language biggest hit by a British artist that everyone knows by heart – Shape of my heart. “Ukrainian sting”, as he has long called on the sidelines, gave the atmosphere of tenderness and warmth.

The degree of tenderness further raised the Duo of Tonya Matvienko and Arsen Mirzoyan.Tonya sang sting in the Ukrainian language in his consummate manner, and Arsen – the original version. This musical collaboration of voices – one of the best rooms in the evening.

A real surprise for the audience was the appearance of a trio of musicians Serhiy Babkin, Arsen Mirzoyan and Roman Duda who chose to performances of famous All For Love. Composition, at the time, performed by sting, Bryan Adams and rod Stewart, sounded powerful final chord. The crowd sang in unison and gave a standing ovation, prompting the trio for an encore.

My Tribute Show” – a cycle of tributes dedicated to the legends of world music. The Ukrainian audience has time to visit the concerts of “My Beatles Tribute Show”, “My ABBA Tribute Show” and other projects Paul Shilko, where you can hear the original reading of the songs producer, performed by famous Ukrainian artists. The sincerity and dynamism of tributes has become a major feature events.


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