Serbia denies Russia's fake about Ukrainian An-12 aircraft

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 Russia's fake about Ukrainian An-12 aircraft denied in Serbia

The head of the Serbian Ministry of Defense, Nebojsa Stefanovich, denied the fakes of the Russian media that the An-12 transport plane of the Ukrainian airline, which crashed in Greece, was allegedly smuggling weapons.

He stated that the ship was transporting defense products to Bangladesh, which was not owned by Ukraine. The plane took off from Serbia and had all the necessary permits.

The minister stressed that the defense product was ordered by the Ministry of Defense of Bangladesh, and the Ukrainian company is only the owner of the plane. The cargo was the property of the Serbian company Valir.

“This is not the first time. In early June, we had “information” that some kind of weapon was being brought to Ukraine. But it turned out that this was a flight and goods that went to Algeria from our specialized industry, and there were all the necessary permits. These constant messages, with which the Russians are trying to damage the reputation of Serbia – something completely wrong and malicious”, – Stefanovich expressed his indignation.

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