Self-portrait of a German artist sold at auction in Germany for 20 million euros

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 German artist's self-portrait sold at auction in Germany for 20 million euros< /p>

The painting "Selbstbildnis gelb-rosa" (“Self-Portrait Yellow Rose”), painted during World War II by the German Expressionist painter Max Beckmann, sold on Thursday in Berlin for 20 million euros, a record for an art auction in Germany.

The buyer of Beckmann's self-portrait has not been identified at the Grisebach auction house. Bidding started at 13 million euros. Taking into account additional costs, the buyer will have to pay 23.2 million euros.

MaxBeckmann was born in Leipzig in 1884. After the Nazis came to power in 1933, he was among the artists whose work was classified as “degenerate art” and hundreds of his works were removed from German museums.

He emigrated to Amsterdam, where in 1943 In 1986, he painted a grim self-portrait that was auctioned off on Thursday. Beckmann gave the painting to his wife Mathilde Kaulbach, who kept it until her death in 1986. Beckman moved to the United States in 1947 and died in New York in 1950.

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