Selection for Eurovision 2020: the participants and the songs of the second semi-final

Відбір на Євробачення 2020: учасники і пісні другого півфіналу

The second semi-final of national selection 2020

15 February will be the second semi-final of Ukrainian national selection for Eurovision 2020. Read on and find out which songs will represent the participants.

In the second semi-final of national selection on “Eurovision”, which will be held on February 15, 2020, will be attended by 8 members. To evaluate the musicians are the audience and the judges: Andrei Danilko, Tina Karol, Vitaly Drozdov. Meet new faces and popular performers who will compete for the right to represent the country in Rotterdam.

Відбір на Євробачення 2020: учасники і пісні другого півфіналу

MOONZOO feat. F. M. F. Sure

This is a joint work of the Ukrainian group, which works with electronic music, and American rapper. MOONZOO chose the musical style of Sad Dance that is like dance music for those who are not too keen to have fun. The track, which they will present at the national selection in translation from English means “labyrinth”. In General, the song about how it is to get lost in their feelings and love.

Listen online MOONZOO feat. F. M. F. Sure – Maze selection Eurovision 2020:


Soul, rap it’s about sisters who sing together in a band. Netizens enthusiastic: “So Ukraine still has not presented the Eurovision song contest!” And it’s not just about the exotic look of the girls, but also atypical of the genre and the performance of songs by Ukrainian performers.

Listen online FO SHO – BLCK SQR on the selection of the Eurovision 2020:

Elina Ivashchenko

This is the youngest participant in the national selection. Music critics quite appreciate the vocal Elina, who won song of the show “X-Factor”. Now she plans to conquer the Eurovision song contest. Her contest song is a motivational ballad about the need to survive, despite all obstacles and achieve their goals.

Listen online Elina Ivashchenko – Get Up on the selection of the Eurovision 2020:

Alexander Paradiski

The song Alexander features a powerful male vocals and serious themes. In the text we are talking about that we all need support and it is important to find the person who will be supportive at that moment. Or become a wall for people close to you.

Listen online Alexander Paradiski – Savior for the selection of the Eurovision 2020:


The fiery track from a little-known participants of the national selection for Eurovision 2020 conquers not only Ukrainian students, but also foreign connoisseurs of good music. Pay special attention to the voice, the timbre and performance style of the artist.

Listen online GARNA – Who We Are? the selection of the Eurovision 2020:


We remind you that Hyatt already had experience of participation in the national selection. The last time he got high marks from viewers, but the jury criticized him. This year the singer has taken into account suggestions and comments of the judges wrote a modern track in his own style – with the addition of Ukrainian and Eastern atomotive.

Listen online KHAYAT – Call for love for a selection Eurovision 2020:

David Axelrod

Vladimir Tkachenko, and now David Axelrod is also going to be competing for the opportunity to represent Ukraine at the Eurovision song contest. The musician wrote this song when he learned that he and his beloved are expecting a baby. The lyrics of this song is a hymn of love and gratitude to a loved one.

To listen David Axelrod online – HORIZON on the selection of the Eurovision 2020:


It is a track about youth and for youth, that the world changes a new generation. The guys in the band are confident that we see what the world becomes and we are able to make an effort to change things for the better. We still have time!

Listen online TVORCHI – Bonfire on the selection of the Eurovision 2020:

And in the meantime vote for your favorite in the second semifinal!

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