Seismologists talked about future large earthquakes

Сейсмологи рассказали о будущих масштабных землетрясениях

According to scientists, a series of intense aftershocks can occur in the United States.

In the US there are several different regions, where regular earthquakes of varying strength. About 90% of all aftershocks recorded in California and Nevada. The rest recorded in Alaska. But also there are regions that are located in the South of the Middle West, where there is not a single volcano, reports the with reference to the news of the world.

A couple of centuries ago there was a series of earthquakes which caused irreparable disaster. To this day scientists can’t say why this happened and called the incident a geological anomaly.

Then in the ground for a couple of seconds there was a huge crack. They failed a lot of people died. In Tennessee, the site of one of the cracks formed deep lake, which exists to this day. There is also information that during each earthquake, people heard a strange sound that resembled the explosions or thunder. In the sky there was a terrible storm clouds, then came a thick fog with an unpleasant odor, which is very reminiscent of smog. When the fog dropped especially low, it was almost impossible to breathe.

Scientists warned of a new threat to our planet

Scientists suggest that the earthquake happened because of the fact that under the Mississippi river in a tectonic plate is a weak spot, covered with many small cracks. Experts added that these regions seismologically threat to the present day. At any time a “weak zone” could not withstand and to provoke a series of strong earthquakes.

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