See how electric Saab takes place on the spot: spectacular video

Дивіться, як електричний Saab розвертається на місці: ефектне відео

The car has done a “tank turn”

Firm Protean Electric showed on the video capabilities of the system ProteanDrive, which is a wheel with integrated motor, power electronics, control unit and the braking mechanism. Such wheels mounted on the NEVS 9-3 EV (former Saab) and forced a sedan to perform a “tank turn”.

The development of Protean Electric looks like the 18-inch wheel Assembly with electric motor with permanent magnets, power electronics, bearings, hubs, brakes, and the control unit.

On the website of the firm presented two options ProteanDrive: Pd16 and Pd18. Senior weighs 36 pounds, peak produces 108 horsepower (1250 Nm) and is designed for speeds of up to 225 kilometers per hour. Weight younger version of the motor wheel 28 kilograms, she is determined for the maximum output power 54 (800 Nm) and can accelerate to 150 kilometers per hour.

Shown in the video the “tank turn” electric Saab is realized by the difference in the direction of rotation of the wheels: they can move forward, and the left – back, and Vice versa.

The same principle is working on an electric pickup Rivian R1T. However, recently it became clear that turn on the spot can and the GMC Yukon SUV is the fifth generation on the surface with low traction (mud, gravel or snow) the car’s electronics selectively brakes the wheel and gradually reducing the radius of rotation around the Central axis.

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