Seductive blonde from VIA gra showed hot photo

Спокуслива блондинка з ВІА Гри показала спекотне фото

Erika Herceg
/ instagram

Famous Ukrainian singer Eric Herceg, who is a member of the group VIA Gra, often pleases the audience with bright posts in his Instagram.

She is originally from the Ukrainian Carpathians. So this time the beautiful star struck followers seductive photo in a spicy way, which she did in the mirror of the locker room.

As you can see, Erica has locked herself in the dressing room of the store and sat on a small stool, while relieving themselves on the phone. Her black and white bodysuit, which revealed long lean legs in black lace stockings. Hair beauty loose and a bit disheveled, and face bright makeup, she coyly crossed her legs.

Fans love the new photos of star beauty, the girl showered with compliments in the comments.

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The message circulated Erika Herceg (@erikaherceg) 21 Mar 2020 6:11 PDT

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