Sedokova showed an unusual family photo: “Hot girls”

Седокова показала необычное семейное фото: "Горячие девочки"

The famous Ukrainian singer Anna Sedokova, who now lives and works in Russia, can not live a day without new pictures in Instagram, and stories which she gladly shares

As you know, the singer is trying to ignore the criticism of detractors in the network and continues to share candid photos. So, this time on his page in social network Instagram the actress, who previously showed that came to the concert “no panties” video in the social network, published a family photo.

Седокова показала необычное семейное фото: "Горячие девочки"

This time Sedokova changed his principles and put the photo in a modest way, maybe it’s because she’s not alone. In the picture, which appeared in the account of Anna, she poses in the company of the eldest daughter Alina.

Mom and daughter were photographed on a background beautiful sunset in Moscow. From the caption to the photo it becomes clear that the initiator of a joint selfie was Alina.

On pictures Anna Sedokova appeared in bright clothes and bright blue glasses on eyes. Her hair slicked back, the actress cuddles up to daughter and looking at the camera. The daughter of actress Alina is dressed in a blue sweatshirt and light coat that threw off the shoulders. The girl’s hair dissolved and no makeup, but there is an expression of surprise – her mouth open, and she rolled her eyes.

In the caption, Anna Sedokova wrote: “Today was an amazing sunset. The sunset that I showed my daughter. I probably would have sat on in the car, buried in the phone and solving a million problems, and Alina suddenly said, “Mama, go, go”. Thank you.” Fans of the singer have not passed and began to actively discuss a new photo on her page.

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“Awesome photos”, “Children force us to live”, “Beauty!”, “You there, in Moscow, spring?”, “Incredible”, “Very cool photo. Both a beauty”, “the Amazing fortune to be with a teenager on the same wavelength”, “you Have a very beautiful daughter”, “What a beautiful mouth Your daughter” “What a wonderful you”, “You are good”, “Hot girls”, “Very beautiful girl” — write in the comments to the photo.

Седокова показала необычное семейное фото: "Горячие девочки"

Седокова показала необычное семейное фото: "Горячие девочки"

Седокова показала необычное семейное фото: "Горячие девочки"

Седокова показала необычное семейное фото: "Горячие девочки"

Earlier, the artist posted on his page in Instagram the next racy photos, but at the same time shared with subscribers of their instrument of seduction men.

Седокова показала необычное семейное фото: "Горячие девочки"

In the picture Anna reclines in a chair in the black bodysuit and lace stockings, and heels. Star seductive raised his long legs and invitingly smiling at the camera, and she holds in her hands an open book.

“I think I know the best gift to themselves and to the beloved on February 14 and where to buy it 🤗 And believe my experience — stockings is a sure-fire weapon of seduction. On me stockings from the Italian brand ❤ them all perfectly! And yet, they are very well sold everywhere in supermarkets, the subway, even in some airports. I have quite a collection. Love yourself and indulge must. Happy, favorite ❤, ” shared the singer.

Many netizens admired her beauty and sexuality, but there were those who this is and way were not to your liking.

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