Sedokova appeared without a roof over your head: No apartment

Седокова оказалась без крыши над головой: Нет квартиры

The famous Ukrainian singer Anna Sedokova, who now lives and works in Russia, can not live a day without new pictures and videos in Instagram, they are often shocking their otkrovennosti

So, this time the celebrity has decided to show how she’s resting for the next performance. The woman chose a pretty straightforward way to demonstrate this – she sat down on the stage, crossing her legs. In this case, the singer halter top and her black tight-fitting hip skirt.

In this outfit, the singer shared with fans dream about what she wants to achieve in this life and what it is not:

Седокова оказалась без крыши над головой: Нет квартиры

Седокова оказалась без крыши над головой: Нет квартиры

Седокова оказалась без крыши над головой: Нет квартиры

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Show business

“Recently I took some very serious pace moving forward. Sometimes even I find it difficult, but you know what I am enduring 😂 But want to do everything. Greedily breathe this life. To put the new program. Give a million concerts. Earn a lot of money. To buy finally the apartment. To put children firmly on their feet. Love is insane and, finally, infinitely and mutually. And stay free. The program maximum is included. ❤ I thank you for going down this road with me”, signed the singer.

The photo provoked a strong reaction from the followers of the star. The majority of commenters have left mostly positive reviews admiring the hard worker and wanting her dreams to come true:

“Cool, when such a rich life! Continue in the same spirit!” “Anna, I admire you, your songs and your hard work, well done”, “Microphone sooo juicy located…))Anya, I love You!”, “Everything works well as planned, have no doubt ! Good luck !”, “But you do sometimes pause and enjoy life! Otherwise this race will be whole life!”.

Седокова оказалась без крыши над головой: Нет квартиры

Many netizens were surprised. the singer ain’t got the apartment, and some even believe that Sedokova yet:

“Are you still at the apartment have not earned?”, “And why haven’t you bought an apartment?” “About the absence of his apartment a little hard to believe”, “Well, probably not This Apartment,upon request of Ani,of course.Most likely her dream apartment on the 25th floor in the heart of Moscow”, “hard to believe that there is their own”.

Recall Sedokova horrified attitude to the little boy.

As reported Politeka, Sedokova with a swollen face showed his “talents”.

Also Politeka wrote that the soloist of VIA gra excited naked body parts

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