Sedokova appeared after plastic surgery: “the Surgeon here everywhere tried”

Седокова показалась после пластики: "Хирург тут везде постарался"

Ukrainian singer Anna Sedokova in the course was involved in a scandal

She was accused of lying. So, the artist published a picture and told about how she managed to attain six pack abs. The followers of the star noted that she’s lying and most likely — her figure was the work of a plastic surgeon.

“Let’s talk about sports and food, once a day like today. I’ll give a hint. After my butt has called not elastic, I was upset, offended and started to plow, because it’s silly to blame the reflection in the mirror! But the main problems I always had with food. I eat a lot. That’s straight much. The abbreviation PP for me for a long time didn’t mean anything. Wings , buns , dumplings — wrap everything. Then I stepped on the scale and OPA 68 . The growth of my 172. I always took myself so there are bodypositive my everything. But after the third bebika how it all went wrong,” wrote and Sedokova published a photo with the “steel” pressure on her tummy.

Седокова показалась после пластики: "Хирург тут везде постарался"

She admitted that after the birth of the last child she immediately grew fat legs.

“The upper part and you realize that the shorts had forgotten. I looked with envy at the girls in the mini and thought — well, how can they do that? Mini of my wardrobe disappeared , appeared seamless panties,” added the star.

Also Sedokova podelilas that for two days at the clinic eats the right food.

“Discovered bread without flour(…)Buckwheat is tight , but nothing Flaxseed. Eat fish , which the spirit can not stand , only in sushi. And discovered a very cool thing as #interbalnearia,” added Anna.

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In the end she shared how to get rid of excess weight.

However, fans Sedokova thought she was lying and made such a slender and toned body with plastic.

Седокова показалась после пластики: "Хирург тут везде постарался"

Under the photo fell following comments:

“The surgeon there is always tried and with a face and figure. The money is there, why strain it”, “Smells surgery”, etc.

Седокова показалась после пластики: "Хирург тут везде постарался"

Седокова показалась после пластики: "Хирург тут везде постарался"

Recall Sedokova was intrigued by a new video

As reported Politeka, Sedokova showed their form in a compromising position

Also Politeka wrote that Sedokova struck fans “the best” way.

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