Security guard who attacked Ben Gvir supports Hamas

The guard who attacked Ben Gvir supports Hamas

One of the two Arab guards who attacked Itamar Ben Gvir MP on Tuesday, Muhammad Shviki, previously wrote a social media post praising the Hamas terrorist Ali Shiuki, Israel newspaper reported Hayom.

Terrorist Ali Shiuki is a member of the Hamas movement from the village of Silvan, who was killed in October 2016 as a result of a clash with IDF forces. Ali was shot after throwing a Molotov cocktail at the military.

Under the terrorist's photograph, Shviki wrote: “ Allah have mercy on you! It was your wish and it came true with the help of Allah. You wanted to go to heaven, and Allah gave them to you! '' I want all those who had high confidence in this bandit to eat their hat. The left was happy to know that I had been hurt. But I will defend myself, and I will not be stopped by the attacks of those who supported the attack on Ayman Oud and supported the supporters of Hamas. ”

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