Secularization of society grows in Iran amid anti-regime protests – poll

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 Secularization of society grows in Iran amid anti-regime protests – survey

Polls conducted by the analytical group GAMAAN show that 70% of Iranian men and 74% of women who support the reduction of the role of religion in the life of the country want to change the current Islamist regime.

84% of citizens who oppose the mandatory wearing of the hijab want a change in the political regime. For 76% of Iranians who support regime change, religion does not matter in their lives.

Only 28% of rural residents and 21% of urban residents support the mandatory wearing of the hijab. However, only 26% of urban Iranians pray five times a day, while 33% of rural Iranians do. Among the respondents aged 20-29, 78% were against the mandatory wearing of the hijab; 68%, over the age of 50 – 74%.

Kasra Aarabi, head of the Iran program at the Tony Blair Institute, says that “since 2017, the new trend of unrest in Iran has been clearly anti-regime, which is what we are seeing in the current protests. The poll makes it absolutely clear that the protests are not about reform, but about direct regime change.

Jemima Shelley, co-author of the case study, says: “Our data shows Iranian men's progressive views and their opposition to misogynist the dictates of the clerical regime.

Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, based on a study, believes that “the time has come for us in the West to rethink our policies in order to make a clear distinction between the people of Iran and the Islamic Republic. Our efforts must serve the people”.

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