Secret weapon: lingerie that will emphasize the beauty of an evening dress

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 Secret weapon: lingerie that will highlight the beauty of an evening dress

Summer celebrations – a good reason to wear the chicest, tightest, most revealing dress with the deepest neckline, bare back or endless slit. And in order for such clothes to sit flawlessly, you need to choose the right underwear. The Jack Kuba chain offers a collection of shapewear and accessories for open clothing. Here you will find a solution for any, even the most revealing style of evening dress.

 Secret weapon: lingerie that will emphasize the beauty of an evening dress

Shapewear – it is an important element of the evening wardrobe. After all, nothing paints a woman like confidence in her irresistibility, and this confidence gives high-quality corrective underwear. Moreover, ladies of any size, starting from … the minimum. Because most of us, regardless of volume, always want to slightly correct what nature has given us and be sure that the outfit sits flawlessly.
The collection of shapewear from Jack Kuba gives the effect of visual correction by 1-2 sizes. Its secret lies in the use of materials made using NASA technology, as well as nylon stretch and lycra, additional corset inserts, vertical bones and silicone impregnation. Modern shapewear models offer solutions for everyone. Different styles can model both the entire silhouette and individual parts of the figure: the waist, hips, buttocks, and abdomen. If necessary, different types of corrective underwear can be combined with each other. All kinds of T-shirts, shorts, graces, semi-grace and combinations with a skirt or shorts, skirts and corset panties with a high waist, corsets from Jack Kuba will help to form an attractive silhouette and they are completely invisible even under the lightest clothes.

< p> Secret weapon: lingerie that will enhance the beauty of an evening dress

But even a sexy dress can be spoiled by straps peeking out at the most inopportune moment or a bra clasp open on the back. To avoid an awkward situation, pay attention to the collection of accessories for open clothes from Jack Kuba. Dozens of different models are designed to create a spectacular chest shape even under the most revealing clothing. For example, if you are planning to wear an open dress that emphasizes the chest, then one of the options for you is – a bra consisting of two cups fastened together with lacing, thanks to which you can adjust the splendor of your neckline yourself. Such models are glued to the chest due to the special glue applied to them, which does not cause allergies or skin irritation.

 The secret weapon: lingerie that will emphasize the beauty of an evening dress

The bra is absolutely invisible under clothes, while it perfectly supports, lifts the chest, creating an ideal shape that allows you to experiment with clothes as you like.
Under a dress with an open back, a bra with adhesive cups is ideal. Silicone fasteners are installed in its side parts, which perfectly hold the chest and prevent the bra from slipping. The main advantage of this bra is that it is fastened on the chest and on the sides, and you can afford a cutout on the back of any depth, because it remains completely open. This model is so invisible under clothes that only you can guess that a bra is hidden under an open dress.

 Secret weapon: lingerie that enhances evening wear

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