Sean Bean named his favorite movie death scene

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 Sean Bean named his favorite movie death scene

Hollywood actor Sean Bean, who became famous for the number of deaths of his characters on television, spoke about whose death of his characters he remembers the most.

“I used to read scripts from the end to see if I'm still in them. I'd say, “No, I'll take it to 34 pages” Death of Boromir [in “Lord of the Rings” – ed.] was probably the best death I've ever played. It was just heroic and tragic. I got a reputation for dying on screen, but I'd rather be alive now if you don't mind” – Bean noticed.

The actor also noted the death scene of Eddard Stark in Game of Thrones.

“When I first met the writers of Game of Thrones, they told me : “You're going to die, but you're in it most of the season.” But he was a great character and it was a good death, so I didn't mind, – recalls the actor in an interview with The Guardian.

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