Sea monster washed up on the beach in New Zealand: “like the devil”

Морское чудовище вынесло на пляж в Новой Зеландии: "похож на дьявола"

Dooe brothers found on the coast out of the ocean monster

It is known that Brothers Daniel, Jack and Matthew Apline traveled by bike in the reserve is Red rocks which is located in Wellington, New Zealand. While walking on the shore, they saw a giant squid (4.2 m long).

The representative of the Department of nature conservation National Institute of water and atmospheric research reported that discovered the squid is not common in local waters, but is not uncommon.

In the Network discovery caused a stir. In the community of ocean Нuntеr Spеаrfishing & Frееdiving Sресiаlists in Fасеbооk commentators compared the was found with squid on display in the Museum of Wellington his kinsmen, whose length is 5.4 m. the Most susceptible users said “do not bathe”. Someone said: “Imagine that met this while scuba diving”.

Морское чудовище вынесло на пляж в Новой Зеландии: "похож на дьявола"

Earlier it was reported that the terrible night had to endure a 75-year-old woman.

The pensioner was sleeping at home in my bed when suddenly woke up from a terrible pain.

It turned out that her leg was bitten by a huge Python. The incident happened in Bangkok (Thailand). Reptile got in the room to an unsuspecting woman through a pipeline and attacked her. Sadafi Kaew (Kaew Sudsopha) woke up from a sharp pain and began to call to the aid the son. “I thought I had a bad dream. I felt a stabbing pain in my leg and woke up. He turned and saw something crawling on the floor. It had been a snake”, is convulsed with horror, said the woman. According to her, she didn’t understand why Python has chosen her sacrifice, because she didn’t even move.

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The son of the pensioner discovered an aggressive reptile in the bathroom, curled up on the toilet. He called the emergency services.

Морское чудовище вынесло на пляж в Новой Зеландии: "похож на дьявола"

Rescuers put the snake in a special container outside the city and released in natural habitat. The pensioner admits that he was afraid to sleep in the room where she was attacked by a monster.

As previously reported, the British tourist took a snake on the plane in his shoes. The woman claims that the snake didn’t know. Reptile snug in the Shoe of a passenger and traveled halfway around the world – from Australia to the UK.

Also recall that in Canada surveyors found one of the largest caves in the world.

In addition, it was reported that scientists have found an unusual ancient reptile that became extinct millions of years ago.

Still recall that on the Philippine coast and issued a mysterious sea monster. He was photographed resident of the city of Maasin, he came across a giant while walking.

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