Script of a horror film. Half a million infected – next week

Script horror movie. Half a million infected - next week

Professor Eran Segal, who develops mathematical models for the development of the coronavirus epidemic, was interviewed by 103FM radio.

The professor said: & ldquo; I suppose that at this stage the picture is relatively clear. The number of infected doubles every 2.7 days. We talked about this at a cabinet meeting two weeks ago – and this is the case in all other countries, and it is relatively stable, regardless of the measures taken by different governments. This variant is so contagious that its spread is predetermined mainly by the biology of the virus. ”

Segal pointed out that canceling PCR tests for a large part of the population means that“ we will not see the real picture infection, but this will not change the number of infected. '' 60,000 infected have been identified this week, but Segal believes at least 100,000 have been infected. Based on the virus doubling rate, Segal predicts that there will be half a million infected in Israel as early as next week. After that, Segal hopes to see & ldquo; naturally evolving immunity results & rdquo; and a gradual decrease in the number of infected.

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