Scotland: 250-year-old fox hunting club dissolved after new law passed

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One of the oldest fox hunting clubs in Scotland has ended 252 years after it went into effect new hunting law.

The Hunting Act, which went into effect earlier this week after being passed in January, bans the hunting and killing of wild mammals by packs of dogs, except in limited circumstances. ;, who first met in the 1700s, announced that he had held his last meeting.

“We were flattered to see great support from riders and supporters of our humble hunt in the west of Scotland,” — the Facebook group wrote, also thanking “all the farmers and landowners who made it possible for us to cross your land in difficult weather this time of year.”

“Many thanks to every person who helped in one way or another on for many years, big or small, all this is very valuable. Finally, we want to thank our lovely hounds, we take care of them with great love and affection, often better than for ourselves”, — the message says.

Originating in the sixteenth century, fox hunting remains a controversial topic in the United Kingdom.

Hunters consider it an important part of the local heritage, while animal rights activists argue that this is cruel and inappropriate.

Previously, anti-hunting organizations welcomed the implementation of the bill.

“This historic news — a huge victory for wildlife, local residents in the fight against hunting and, of course, hunter-saboteurs who have brought this hunting to its knees for decades”, — says Glasgow Hunt Sabs website.

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