Scientists were able to photograph flying past Earth double asteroid

Ученым удалось заснять пролетевший мимо Земли двойной астероид

A double asteroid, taken by the VLT telescope, flew at a small distance from the Earth on Saturday.

Scientists have managed to photograph last Saturday flown past earth, the binary asteroid 1999 KW4. Pictures were taken with a telescope VLT. Photos were published on the website of the European southern Observatory, reports the online edition of the with reference to the Correspondent.

“These pictures, as well as data from other telescopes that are critical to develop strategies that will help us to avoid an asteroid collision with the Earth, if one of them will come to this course. In the worst case, we will be able to predict, what consequences will its fall,” said one of the researchers, Olivier Hainaut.

The asteroid closer to Earth, flying at a distance of 5.2 million kilometers from its surface. This is approximately 13 times greater than the distance which separates the moon and the Earth.

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1999 KW4 scientists belong to the group “Atanov” — near-earth asteroids, rotating near the Sun. With the Earth they converge only at the time of maximum distance from the sun.

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